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If an online casino has Schleswig-Holstein as its license location, then it is considered particularly reliable. We explain what the only Indian approval for online gambling is all about:

Why is the Schleswig-Holstein license?
What are the advantages of these casinos?
Which providers have the license?
Are there any bonuses in Schleswig-Holstein casinos?

List: Online casinos with Schleswig-Holstein license (2021)

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What is the Schleswig Holstein Casino license?

When it comes to online gambling, Schleswig-Holstein is often mentioned. In order to understand what this is all about, you have to know one thing: In India, gambling is a state affair and is not centrally controlled by the federal government.

For a good ten years now, the 16 federal states have been trying to come up with a uniform solution. However, this initiative has proven to be difficult: So far, no nationwide regulation of sports betting, casino and poker on the Internet has been achieved.

In 2012, however, the northernmost federal state advanced and took a different route. To date, the online casino Schleswig-Holstein license is the only valid approval for gaming operators that comes directly from India.

Why is online casino only regulated in Schleswig-Holstein?

From Schleswig-Holstein's point of view, it is disappointing that other states have not followed suit. They have based their set of rules very much on the Danish gambling regulation, which has been praised by many.

The interests of the other 15 countries were simply too different. Some wanted an opening of the market that would enable free competition, while others threw everything into the pan in order to maintain the state monopoly through the back door.

Several attempts to issue licenses for gambling providers failed at the latest before the courts. In addition to contradictions with the legislation at EU level, there were gross technical errors in the implementation of the concession procedure.

Indian providers in other federal states

In fact, online casinos have long been available from other Indian federal states. Providers with the only Indian approval are considered to be particularly reliable. But others too reputable online casinos are common, they usually use a license from the Maltese regulatory authority MGA.

Thanks to the unclear situation and the free movement of services within the EU, players can not only play for real winnings, the operators can even advertise their gambling websites.

The question of whether an online casino license from Schleswig-Holstein is also valid in the rest of India does not apply because the reputable providers use their international EU license.

Is nationwide regulation coming?

One might ask the question whether this somewhat opaque mixture is limited in time or whether it is permanent. In fact, the countries are currently working again at their conferences to create a uniform regulation.

This new regulation is currently planned for the year 2021. The experts are curious to see whether the politicians and their authorities will manage this time to create a workable regulation and successfully conclude the licensing process.

One thing is already certain: Unlike in the past, nationwide licenses for online casinos are now to be issued. Many details are still marked with question marks. The providers of the gambling websites strive to constantly reassess the situation.

One of the key questions is whether the Schleswig-Holstein license for casinos will become worthless after the nationwide licenses have been awarded. Whether it will still be possible to offer websites with international approvals also plays a role in the considerations of the casinos.

Advantages of Schleswig-Holstein Casinos

At the moment we can only assess the current situation. It is found that the online casinos do not use their license from Schleswig-Holstein in other federal states. Nevertheless, one can generally assume a number of advantages of these providers:

  • Reliability: Anyone who has permission from a Indian authority to organize gambling has inevitably passed strict tests. Only providers who are 100% reputable have this license.
  • Requirements: Casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license not only have to comply with the international requirements in the areas of player protection and transparency, but are also bound by the instructions of Indian authorities. That increases security.
  • Honesty: Anyone who operates with a Indian license clearly shows that we want to play by the rules and have nothing to do with the illegal black market.

Bonus offers

When we register at an online casino, we are of course happy to take a welcome bonus with us. But can you even activate a bonus for providers with a North Indian license?

The answer to that is yes, for players from all 16 federal states. Whether and what kind of reward is offered to the players as a welcome or long-term, depends solely on the decision of the casino.

To make things easier for our readers, we have included all relevant offers in the list at the top of this page. This way you can play at a 100% safe casino in no time and at the same time reward yourself with free credits and free spins.


The fact that there is an official Indian gambling license for the Internet in one federal state, but not in other federal states, is a somewhat bizarre situation. This situation can be explained by the fact that Schleswig-Holstein was foresighted enough in 2012 to evaluate every online casino professionally.

They picked the best from the serious applicants. These casinos can now proudly claim to have a Indian license, even if it is not valid nationwide.

In the rest of India, however, you can use an international EU license, at least in the present. A nationwide regulation is planned for the year 2021, which should apply throughout India. Like all experts, we are curious to see whether it will be something this time.

We would like to offer our readers an even safer gaming experience with our list of providers who already have approval from Indian authorities. These casinos are rightly considered to be particularly reliable.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Why is there a Schleswig-Holstein casino license?

The northernmost state wanted to bring about a sustainable solution, but with this concern, but at that time alone in the hallway.

Are providers with this license more reputable than others?

You can't say that in general terms, but it is clear that these casinos belong to the very serious providers.

Is this license valid throughout India?

Although the license from Schleswig-Holstein is only valid for its own territory, providers in the rest of India can operate with an international EU license.

Are there any bonuses in Schleswig-Holstein casinos?

Yes, you can get a bonus at these casinos too. In our list at the top of this page we give an overview of the offers.


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