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Playing blackjack online is the next step in the development of the classic game. We analyze in the test:

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This is how blackjack works in 2021

When it comes to the popularity of casino games, opinions differ extremely widely. Let's leave slot machine games out. They are their own category of games that have their own following. Which games are present in all casinos worldwide? Right! Table games! There are several of them. Let's start in classic roulette, which is available in several variants (American Roulette, French Roulette, to name just two), Craps, the famous dice game or Baccarat, an old card game that seems a bit out of date and of course the most famous card games poker and blackjack. We dedicate and here blackjack, because each of the two games is so exciting and fascinating that it deserves its own article. Both together would go beyond the scope here.

In the casino, every player basically plays against the dealer who represents the casino, in this case the online casino. The game starts with anyone who wants to take part in it, puts their stake on the table. Each player in turn receives a card. This is placed face up in front of each player. Their value determines the further game strategy. If your hand is good, you can raise the bet. If it is bad, leave it at the minimum bet. The goal is to achieve a total card value of a maximum of 21 points. You also get a second card, which is revealed when it is your turn. Add up the values ​​of the cards. An ace counts either “one” or “eleven”, depending on which fits better. You keep getting more cards until you say you don't want any more. Here it is important to calculate quickly. If you exceed the 21 points, you have automatically lost. The cards are withdrawn, as are your chips.

If you have 21 points with only 2 cards, this is called "blackjack". You win instantly. Your winnings bonus will be paid out immediately. If you reach this number with multiple cards, the probability of winning is quite high. But you can also win with 20, 19, 18 or less points. The reason for this is simple. The dealer has to adhere to the fixed rules of the casino when playing blackjack. He himself is the last to act - after all players have received their cards. He must continue to draw cards until he has reached 17 points. As soon as he has at least 17 points, he must stop drawing. If he is unlucky enough to pass 21, he loses. All players who have NOT outbid win and receive winnings equal to their stakes. In the event of a tie, for example when you and the dealer have 18 points, your stake will simply stand. You don't win, but you don't lose either.

If you have at least 17 points with two or more cards, it is unlikely that any further card will keep you below 22. Consider hoping that the dealer will bust (a number over 21). If you only have between 10 and 13 points with 2 cards, you should take it seriously. 10 points is a good starting point for a number around 20 that gives you a good chance of winning. If you get stuck with 13 to 16 points, you have to hope for the croupier's bad luck.

More winning options at blackjack

In addition to these simple rules of the game, there are a few additional bets that any player can make. For example, you can bet that a dealer will go over 21. If this happens, you will be paid out the winnings at the end of the round. Should you get an ace on the first card, you are free to speculate on getting blackjack on the second. All you need is a card worth ten points. That is not so unlikely. You will also receive money for this additional bet if your wish comes true. If you don't get blackjack, you of course lose that bet.

What other special rules are there? If you get a card with the value 9 as the first card and the second shows the same value again, you can split the game if you want. You make two new games out of your pile of 2 cards and each of the two games starts with a numerical value of 9. You have to bet on both games separately. Ideally, you end up winning both games against the dealer and pocketing double the profit.

In addition to all of these options, there are other chances of winning that bring extremely high profits compared to the “normal” profits with a manageable stake. If you reach 21 points with 3 cards worth 7 points each, extra prizes will be paid out.

At some tables it is also possible to bet on other players' hands. You simply place your chip on the space you want to bet on. If the player wins, you win too. Additional bets are also possible in this way.


As you can see, there is a whole range of ways to win. If you are a card savvy, that is, if you enjoy playing cards, you will certainly enjoy blackjack too. Blackjack is a very fast paced game. You decide within seconds whether and how much you want to bet, whether you want another card or not, whether you split or not, whether you place additional bets or not ... Even if there are 10 other players at the same table, the game will be played within a minute be over. It's going so fast. Experienced players and fast computers certainly have an advantage here over those who are brand new to the game of blackjack. But if you're lucky, it doesn't matter.

Blackjack is offered in all online casinos. Because of their popularity, they are a fixed point in every range. Those portals that also offer a live casino will also offer the extremely popular live variants of blackjack there. The difference between the two games is easy to explain. If you play at a slot machine, a computer program gives out cards. A random number generator rules here, which many players are reluctant to trust. In the live casino you play at a virtual table against a real dealer who shuffles and deals the cards that actually exist at a real table in a real room. The game runs in real time and is broadcast via webcam and microphone. So far there has been nothing that can make the gaming experience any more real. Your place at the gaming table is guaranteed to be free. At any time of the day or night. The online live casino saves you the annoying "make yourself beautiful", the trip to the casino, paying expensive entrance fees, and the scramble for a seat at the gaming table. If you are unlucky in the land-based casino, the minimum table limit is higher than you are willing to bet. This cannot happen to you in online live blackjack. The limits are extremely variable. No arrival, no entry, no dress code. These are all advantages that you will only find in the digital casino. And that with the same amount of fun with the same chances of winning. Play wherever and whenever you want. Your online live blackjack is waiting for you.

You do not know in which online casino you should play?

Admittedly, it is not easy as a newbie to find an online casino that suits you. You don't want to do anything wrong, don't want to take unnecessary risks, and certainly not do anything illegal or get ripped off. That is why it is good if there are toplists that write and report very informatively about the most important criteria. This makes it easier for you as a newcomer to find a good site where you can have fun legally and with luck.

We have reviewed many casinos on their legality and seriousness. We have glossed their game range and otherwise many tests doneSo that we can report as comprehensively as possible, which is particularly good or especially bad at the individual online casinos. One of the most important points is the bonus offer. Anyone who logs on to an online casino has the chance to bring a welcome gift in the form of bonus credit or / and free games. This helps to test and try all games, such as blackjack, in detail. Should one lose due to the lack of experience, it does not hurt as if the money comes from a gifted credit. If you have a portion of luck, but this bonus helps to win more even more, which you only like to have.

For bonuses, however, it should be pointed out on the bonus conditions. Pay attention to what we write about the conditions. Bonuses are not directly payable. They must be used several times and thus be released. To make matters worse, not all online casinos allow you to use bonuses in live games like live blackjack. A look at the fine print or our reviews help to commit no dull mistakes here.

And - especially important for newcomers: Help pages should already cover and answer many questions that could face them. If these are not sufficient, or have a question whose answer you can not find, so there should be a support that first is expert, secondly, friendly and thirdly fast and easy to reach. This criterion we have taken for you under the microscope. If you already play a quick game like blackjack, you should also benefit from fast customer service. Life is short! Enjoy it and test your luck!


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